Tooth caries and decays are the most common problems in oral cavity. 


Dental decays tend to grow troughout time and if not removed they can cause further inflammation and loss of tooth. They are also one of the reasons of bad breath which can cause inconvenience both for the patient and others.


The simple and painless filling procedure can often be done in a few minutes, and it stops and prevents growth of caries for many years.

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I enjoy painless teeth. I trust my dentist Dr. Babak R. Samiei

József Felföldi , Debrecen

I will have amazing white teeth, just watch!

Kecskés Tibor, V-Tech , Budapest

Fast, painless! And the dentist is very kind

Szabó Tamás, Budapest, XIII. kerület

I also have fears, but it always turns out that dental treatments are painless these days.

Bálint Gájer is a singer

“Dr. Babak is an outstanding aesthetic dentist! My porcelain veneers were carefully tailored to my needs, he took a lot of time listening and understanding what I’m looking for! They turned out to be not only gorgeous, but strong, and they look perfect without looking fake! I am confident to smile again, and it’s because of Dr. Babak! Thank you so much for your dedication! “

Los Angeles songwriter

We live abroad and every summer when we went home, we visited the dentistry. For years we have been changing dentists because we couldn’t find someone we could turn to with trust.
We found Babak in the summer of 2017, and if we could, we would have packed him in our suitcase and carried him with us.
But because we could not, we try to visit him every year. It was a good experience to see that whenever we visited him, he patiently listened to our complaints, took his time, and always did a beautiful job with great expertise.
If you are looking for a dentist who is trustworthy, honest, does a painless job, highly skilled and really attentive to his patient, Babak has my highest recommendation.

Sándor Edina Budapest

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